10 Must-have Eco Home Essentials in 2023

Top 10 Essentials for ECO home

With climate change and environmental issues becoming more pressing than ever, sustainability is not just a trend, indeed it’s a lifestyle. Here are the Top 10 MUST-HAVE ECO essentials for an ECO living.

In PureVibe, we explore various markets to discover products that meet our standards for home or office use.

Compared to the past 20 years, we come to a tipping point for eco-friendly, sustainable, durable, easy to clean, or use in different environments, therefore, let’s get started with a ECO lifestyle from 2023.

1. Separate Recycle Bag/Bin

In an ECO home, this is No.1 Must-Have essential for recycling.


  • easy to handle
  • easy to bring along and even to outdoor activities like party or camping
  • +1 bring them to recycling collection points without additional plastic bags


  • can be easily fixed to your slider/mount kit and pulled out from your kitchen cabinet
  • cope with your interior design.

Recycle container comes in various shapes and designs: stackable buckets, stainless steel bins, some comes with handles, etc. Choose one given that it suits our needs or interior design.

Alternatively, get a marker or get some stickers as below to start separating recycling with existing utilities in an organized manner.

2. Compost Bin / Tumbler

Super easy way to reduce the amount of food waste and keep your kitchen smelling fresh as well as avoid attracting pets or insects.

Together with a tumbler in the backyard, you can turn the food waste into nutrient-rich compost quickly. Enriching your garden soil, feeding your plants and saving some expenditures in no doubt!

3. Sponge / Scrubber

ECO sponge/scrubber could be colorful without a doubt, check it out and makes a lively kitchen like ours.

4. Cooking Utensil

Great companions go along with an iron cast or non-stick pan. Choices in natural bamboo or wood like the one we used are in Acacia wood.

5. Dish Sink Drying Rack

Let nature do her work, save more in electricity bills undoubtedly!!! We will share in another blog for saving tips on how we manage to minimize the impact of the high inflation rate these days.

6. Coffee filter / pod / cup

We love a cup of coffee no matter in office or at home ( for business ;P ), therefore, we tried hemp, cotton or stain steel choices for pull-over coffee. They are great alternatives for running out of Hario V60 paper filters next time.

For coffee machines like Keurig, the unbleached paper cup is also available and we could fill it with our favourite coffee beans now!

7. ECO Bags / Wraps

The ECO system continuously reinstates and evolves with natural and organic materials such as food-grade paper bags, cotton bags for veggies, beeswax wraps for bread loaf or salad and don’t forget a compostable biodegradable trash bags.

8. Rechargeable Motion Sensor LED

Obviously, LED is basic these days, we suggest going with those with motion sensor attached which saved energy and prolong the battery time.

For outdoors, we go further with solar panels and again let nature do her job! Try it ASAP!

9. Cook set and Container

Find a stylish and durable one, it will be a remarkable one in our lifetime.

  • Iron cast, no matter if it is a Lodge, Staub or Le Creuset. This must be an iron cast which we could put into the oven, and go camping. Additionally, It is very easy to deal with after cooking and is good for our health.( Check out our blogsss if you would like to know more )
  • Containers in glass, ceramic or wood help us organize in an easy and accessible way. Eventually, even better with tagging or labelling.

10. Cleaner and Detergent

There are tremendous biodegradable or eco-friendly dish or laundry soaps from well-known brands likeECOS, Mrs Meyer’s and Method. In short, good choices are to isolate any chemicals and get hold of natural materials.

We take one step further to save carbon footprint by using cleaner or detergent in the form of powder, pod, bar and sheet. Not only saving carbon footprint for delivery but also saving space in our home.

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